Workplace Health and Safety

Wage Theft

Women Fighting for Justice

Workers in Western North Carolina face common challenges in the workplace: wage theft, unsafe working conditions, discrimination, and sexual aggresion.


We have a simple vision: All in Western North Carolina are empowered and education around labor rights and working in places where those right are respected.

Our mission is to develop leadership among workers through organizing and education to resolve issues of labor rights and promote fair working conditions in Western North Carolina.

What We’re Doing

Our workplace health and safety program focuses on three components:

educating workers  on health and safety issues in industries with high injury rates

advocating for safe and health workplaces and policies that protect workers

develop leadership amongst low-wage workers to advocate for themselves

Our Programs

Through our wage theft campaign, we seek to:

activate disenfranchised workers in Western North Carolina to stand up against wage theft 

engage community partners and allies regarding wage theft

reach out to local politicians regarding wage theft.

Western North Carolina Workers' Center

Our women's program works with immigrant women workers to empower them to testify to realities regarding oppression through safe spaces and networks for them to be supported and heard and to develop leadership skills to encourage other women to do the same. To learn more about the Women Fighting of Justice Program, click here.